Pink Sands - 25% OFF SALE Yankee Medium Jar

Yankee Candle Medium Jar Pink Sands

Scent: It's an exotic island escape in the beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla.

The Burn Time Of The Medium Jars Is 90 Hours  • That's Over 3 Days Continuous Burning!

To avoid "tunnelling" of your candle (tunnelling is when your candle burns a hole down the middle and wax remains at the edges) all HOUSE WARMER style jars must be burnt for AT LEAST 3 hours at any one time before you extinguish your candle to allow the wax to melt fully from one edge of your jar to the other. If you fail to light this style of jar for any less than 3 hours your candle will only melt in the centre and will tunnel down the middle causing wastage.

Article No: 5038580003158

Size: Weight: 411g / 14.5oz

WAS: £19.99
NOW: £14.95

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