Nomination 032101/16 Composable Big Charm LETTERS Stainless Steel & 18k Gold Letter P

Nomination 032101/16 Composable Big Charm LETTERS Stainless Steel & 18k Gold Letter P

This Italian-style charm is 1cm x 1.2cm (approx). The original creation by Nomination the Italian Charms are todays modern day charm bracelet made up of stainless steel links with 18k gold. Nominations are now making charm links with hand painted enamel and also Sterling Silver and Crystal. Each link is certified with the Nomination logo ensuring quality and originality. Nomination is in vogue and is very collectable, buying a link for a birthday, Anniversary, Presentation, in fact any gift of friendship. It link makes the persons bracelet unique to them. Keillers China Shop has been selling Composable Classic Bracelets and charms for the last 10 years and the range is continuing to grow year on year. People are now wearing two and three bracelets, it is great fun and very fashionable to collect.

Nomination italian charm bracelets from Keillers China Shop.

Article No: 032101/16

Size: 1cm x 1.2cm (approx)

WAS: £26.00
NOW: £13.00

NOMINATION Composable BIG Charms Links NOMINATION Composable BIG Charms Links

Nomination BIG Collection is a contemporary & funky Charm Bracelet. Charm Size: 1cm x 1.2cm approx. Nomination Charms, Bracelets, Necklaces are the most up to date 2011 charms on the planet.. Nomination is continually introducing new charms to the range every month. NOMINATION, suitable for Birthdays, Presents, Christmas, Halloween, Best Friends. The range below is the BIG range from Nomination. BIG, BIG, BIG is in. These charms are definitely in vogue now. Nomination always has the latest fashion trends. This jewellery is unisex & is suitable for both MEN & WOMEN. Nomination Composable BIG Collection at Kellers China Shop, Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom .