Lladro 01009171 SWEET SHYNESS


Lladro 01009171 SWEET SHYNESS

Issue Year: 2015
Retirement Year: 2016
Sculptor: Javier Molina

  These pieces are nice to be in your home as their are inspirational gifts. This is sentiment beauty at its best.  This would also make a lovely present for any person. Keillers China Shop has been selling these Lladro Figurines for over 20 years.


Article No: 01009171

Size: 17x10 cm

WAS: £170.00
NOW: £153.00

LLADRO Figurines & Home Decor LLADRO Figurines & Home Decor

Lladró creates all its figurines in the City of Porcelain, located in Tavernes Blanques (Valencia). Lladro's pieces are sentimental and meaningful to all who buy or receive them as a gift. Whether you are a lover of animals, scenery or just artistic talent these are the pieces for you, each one is made with an amazing combination of inspiration, sculpture, flower making and hand painting. You won’t find more love and attention in a product than you do in Lladro figurines.