Chamilia Charms - Aztec Spacer Charm Sterling Silver

Chamilia Charms - Aztec Spacer Charm Sterling Silver

Chamilia beads bring your jewelry-vision to life! Make your statement, tell your story, and add some soul by adding Chamilia beads to your Chamilia bead bracelet, necklace, or earrings.

Whether you want to state your fashion sense, show some color, commemorate an event, or symbolize a special meaning, Chamilia’s collection of stunning charms and beads are your way to making that statement.

Chamilia beads come in an array of materials; from 14 carat gold, .925 sterling silver, Italian Murano glass, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, and natural and colored quality gemstones. With a selection of over four hundred beads that fit any occasion, the creative possibilities are endless!

WAS: £20.00
NOW: £15.00

Chamilia Charms Chamilia Charms

Chamilia’s line of interchangeable jewelry includes a dream assortment of charms, beads, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and locks to inspire your creativity. Find the perfect setting for your expressive design – try a bangle or leather wrap bracelet or a sterling silver adjustable necklace – then let your story be told! Chamilia charms and jewelry inspire creative self expression. Whether it is romantic sentiment, family motifs, passions and sport symbols or an array of other themes – you will find innumerable ways to personalize your - or someone else’s - jewelry.