Alaska Moose - Bearhouse Bears Charlie Bears

Alaska Moose - Bearhouse Bears Charlie Bears

The Moose is the largest of the deer family and you could have your very own if you buy the appropriately named ALASKA!
You will be amazed by his majestic antlers but the only head-butting he will do is to give you a gentle nudge if he wants more cuddles!!

Bearhouse Bears are non-jointed Charlie Bears at great prices. Suitable from 18 months of age and fully machine washable.

Designed by Isabelle Lee and co-designed by Charlotte Morris

Article No: BB173095B

Size: 19"


Charlie Bears Charlie Bears

Founded by Charlotte & William Morris, who design the bears, every little creation from Charlie bears has been lovingly handmade. Being available from 2006 this is a new and exciting range allowing us to look forward to much more!