CHERISHED TEDDIES EVENT 12/11/2011 Saturday 12th November 2011 11.00am to 3.00pm

Saturday 12th November 2011


Keiller's China Shop is holding there annual Halloween & Christmas Event for the special Cherished Teddies Collectors. This is a great chance to catch up before Christmas and meet all the Cherished Teddies Customers again before Halloween and Christmas. It is also a great chance for the collectors to meet Keith "The Cherished Teddies Representative" and give him all your new ideas for the following yeear. I am sure a lot of these messages go straight back to Cherished Teddies Headquarters.

We hope to see you all there again this year and to get some freebies and maybe win a chance in the raffle. If you are not on the invite list, please contact us as it would be great to see you there. We also have a giant Cherished Teddy Roaming the streets of Dundee that Day. See if you can spot him or her?

Have you looked at the new pieces in the slide show. You can reserve them for on the day if you like, but be warned enquirieshave been high this year as there is less people selling cherished teddies and also less events, so the demand has been high, and our allocation is now over 50% reserved for on the day.

Please contact us if you would like pieces laid away as we would be happy to do this for you.

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