Scottish Myth & Magic Signing Event 3rd September 2011- Jessica Ascough Signing Event - WIN THE ONE AND ONLY "THE WHITE WITCH OF METHANDOUR" AT KEILLERS CHINA SHOP DUNDEE

Saturday 3rd September 2011


  • WIN Myth and Magic piece, THE ONE AND ONLY "THE WHITE WITCH OF METHANDOUR" , it was named, the White Witch of Methandour, and was to be this years 2011 event piece, but MYTH AND MAGIC PULLED IT at the last minute. GET YOUR FREE RAFFLE TICKET WHEN YOU PURCHASE A PIECE AT THE  MYTH & MAGIC EVENT AND THE WHITE WITCH COULD BE YOURS.

  • Join the excitement in September!

  • Jessica Ascough :- Artist Of Myth & Magic will personally sign your purchases between 11.00am  to 3.00pm.

  • Keillers China Shop Myth & Magic Signing Event held at Keillers China Shop 7, Castle Street Dundee are very popular with Myth & Magic members. Last years signing event was a great success, so come along and have a great time.

  • Champagne will be served so be on time, we do not want you to miss out!

  • Free prize draws and give aways, so email us for a free invitation to the event, get your VIP ticket. This will have your lucky number on it.

  • Date:- Saturday 3rd September 2011

  • Venue:- Keillers China Shop, 7, Castle Street Dundee DD1 3AA

  • Time:- 11.00am to 3.00pm


  • I was really excited to see Jessica at Keillers China Shop Scottish Myth & Magic Signing Event. I have been selling the Myth & Magic Figurines from 1989 and it was so exciting to meet the designer behind all these fabulous pieces we had been selling in our shops and worldwide over the years. I remember when we started selling the figurines from our shop in the Wellgate Centre called Yvonnes all these years ago, they were the first gift figurines we had ever sold. We had never sold gifts before as my parents had sold Ladies Fashions and Jewellery. It was the start of a great journey for me as I have now been in the gift trade for 32 years.

  • QUESTION:- Hi Jessica After doing Fine Art At University what made you go for this theme?

  • ANSWER:- " I started as a designer at the Tudor Mint in 1987 after achieving a first class honours degree at Birmingham College Of Art - specialising in Fine Art. The original idea came from Graham Hughes, in 1989 one of the then directors of Tudor Mint. It was very original - there was nothing like it around at the time. Other companies have tried to replicate it, but nothing has compared to the quality and detail of the pieces. As a designer I am given an enormous amount of freedom to pursue my own ideas - Although on occasion, Craig Allen from Xystos will present me with different concepts, which I am always grateful for as they ca set my imagination off in different ways."

  • QUESTION:- "Who had the idea to put the Crytals Into The designs?"

  • ANSWER:- " The Tudor Mint had previously designed and manufactured other gift-ware ranges including "CRYSTAL FLAME" which incorporated Swarovski Crystals. The Combination of the New pewter look models with Crystals set into the pieces was a big hit."

  • QUESTION:- "What are the ideas for the future?"

  • ANSWER:- "Whilst keeping much of the traditional look and sentiment of the original Myth & Magic, we are always looking at new and original ideas to incorporate in the ranges. There maybe one or two surprises in store?

  • MANY THANKS FROM YVONNE BROWN:- I would sincerely like to thank XYSTOS, MYTH & MAGIC & last but definitely not least JESSICA ASCOUGH for making the Scottish Myth & Magic Event such a success. I would also like to thank the staff from Keillers China Shop for all the effort they put into holding the event as they did a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes. Last but not Least I would also like to thank YVONNES Fancy Dress Boutique for all the fancy dress and sending his staff along to give a fantastic atmosphere to the event. We have all had a great day and guess what, the champagne is all finished!

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