Ear Piercing At Keillers China Shop By Yvonne

Tuesday 30th April 2013


Ear Piercing At Keillers China Shop Keillers Centre Dundee Scotland By Yvonne. Follow us on Facebook & Twitter @keillerschina. Just click on the slideshow and see some of the people who have just had there ears pierced. We have been doing ear piercing in our family business for over 50 years. Yvonne & Yvonne has a great reputation for doing ear piercing, which they started off in Dens Road Market over 50 years ago. They then went on to have 4 shops in the Wellgate Centre. Now there shops are currently situated in Castle Street, Keiller Centre And the Seagate. The pictures you are seeing here have been taken in the Keillers China Shop Keiller Centre Dundee. No appointment is needed for ear piercing or nose piercing, you can just pop in. The Ear Piercing System used is a disposable cartridge ear piercing system to meet the demands of the professional ear piercing technican. System 75 offers the safest ear piercing available today. Every piercing stud, hoop and instrument meets or exceeds all US FDA and EC European standards and regulations.

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