Adult & Children\'s Face Mask Adult & Children\'s Face Mask

Description Face Mask Adjustable with Nose Clip This is a range of double layered face coverings that are designed to reassure and give confidence to the user while going outside during this difficult period. They are not a medical grade mask, but current recommendation has shown that face coverings such as scarves and fabric masks are likely to be of benefit, and our range includes fun and friendly designs for children and adults. They are not designed to replace the government guidelines for social distancing and are a complimentary protective measure to the current rules which must still be followed. These are not medical grade and are not intended for health care workers in contact with patients or to comply with medical regulations EU/2017/745 or PPE equipment regulation EU/2016/425. Product Attributes More Information Dimensions Adult Size (Rough Size Age 12+) Kid's Size (Rough Size Age 4 - 12)

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