EDGE Sculpture - Gorilla Bust EDB05

EDGE Sculpture - Gorilla Bust EDB05

In the jungles of the hills
The gorillas are grounded
Beasts among the trees,
They are bounded.
They are brutal strength
Through gentle enough
To hold a baby in their arms,
To love, and to cradle,
Keep away from many harms.

The Silverback Gorilla
A poem by Lysa Schuler

Height - 385mm /15”
Length - 390mm/ 15”
Depth - 315mm / 12.5”

Article No: EDB05

Size: 385mm /15


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EDGE Sculpture presents a collection of contemporary clay sculptures which are emotionally evocative, fiercely modern, yet remaining utterly affordable. Edge Sculpture is a collection influenced by style rather than subject. The mix of form, light and texture gives a unique feel to each individual piece. They are an eclectic mix of themes that have a collective 'look'.