Nao 02001158 GENTLE BREEZE

Issue Year: 1992

Nao porcelain sculptures are hand crafted in Valencia, Spain where pioneers in the European porcelain industry have been creating timeless works of art since the company's inception in 1953. This blend of old-world craftsmanship and the latest ceramic technology ensures that each individual Nao sculpture is finished to perfection and will be cherished for generations to come. Nao's extensive collection of more than 300 sculptures captures the unforgettable moments of life including motherhood, weddings, childhood, falling in love, the joy of pets, the beauty of nature, religion and much more. Hand painted in delicate pastel shades. A gift of Nao porcelain sculpture will be treasured for generations to come and kiln fired for more than twenty hours to achieve a flawless final glaze. This is a lovely porcelain figure of a girl standing in a "Gentle Breeze" in a long almond coloured dress and wearing a hat while holding a flower in her right hand. A beautiful figurine of stunning quality with exceptional facial detail.

Article No: 2001158

Size: 25x15 cm


NAO By Lladro NAO By Lladro

NAO By Lladro. Today, the Lladró brothers original small workshop has now become a corporation where hundreds of artists work everyday, producing creations which are sold all over the world. NAO porcelain figurines have now expanded and have licenses to produce Disney and Hello Kitty pieces in their ranges, making them more popular than ever. NAO By Lladro a special gift for that special person.