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Founded by Charlotte & William Morris, who design the bears, every little creation from Charlie bears has been lovingly handmade. Being available from 2006 this is a new and exciting range allowing us to look forward to much more!

Dawn CHARLIE BEAR Rabbit 2017 Collection £41.85

Dawn CHARLIE BEAR Rabbit 2017 Collection £41.85

Dawn is part of a set of four bunnies, the others being Dell, Dusk & Bluebell. These are event special bears and are only available to purchase through participating Charlie Bear stockists who attended a trade event where we were able to pre-order the bunnies ready for the 2017 release.

Dawn is a beautiful hare, which is evident by her big, oversized paws.  Her long fur is made with a mix of different plushes, in lovely warm tones and makes a lovely contrast to her white muzzle, which has been shaved to show her dark eyes and hand-stitched nose.  Her ears are wired, so can be positioned in different ways and she wears an organza ribbon. 

Bluebell is an Event Special from the Charlie Bears 2017 Collection.

Designed by Heather Lyell and co-designed by Charlotte Morris

Article No: CB176018

Size: 12"

Price: £41.85