M. I. Hummel M. I. Hummel

M I hummel figurines were created by a warm, simple Bavarian girl whose name was Berta Hummel. Berta gained her artistic direction at an early age from the Institute of English Sisters. In 1931 Berta entered the covent of Siessen at Saulgua. Two years later she was ordained Sister Maria Innocentia. In 1933 sketches of her work were sent to a publishing company in Munich. Her first artworks were two dimensional, better known as "postcards". Franz Goebel of the W. Goebel Company became aware of her artwork in 1934 and sought permission to transform the art into three dimensional figures. This is where the relationship between Sister Maria Innocentia, the Convent and W. Goebel began. In 1946 after a long illness, Sister Maria Innocentia passed away at an early age of 37 years.

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